Tuesday, 19 October 2010

What's cover beneath

A lot of our world today are covered by manifestations which could attract or alienate us away from the real truth, what's right and what's wrong?;  who would us can believe ?; sure there are many questions turns in our heads, about what?? all things that we care off, any thing that related to our world, our believes, our culture our heritage and all we surrounded with.
To me I can't be restricted, can't be in silence and kept off with my thoughts, I always been believed in this say "If you want to change something then start to change it, If you can't change it then leave it and start to change yourself", I've really been convinced with this say till this time, and I think that any right you've to searching for, it doesn't served to your hands in silver box, but you had to get work yourself  to have it. there's nothing free in our world. but to change something you had to be convinced that there's something better and more useful that should be applied.
This page is a breath for my thoughts, and how I think the right thing is.