Tuesday, 23 November 2010


where we have been?? Mmmm..........I do still remember how we was when we are just kids, and I thought everyone remember his own days, no responsibility, the security we feels, the wired how life changes this way, materialistic, hypocrisy, unjust, and how many people that turns to conscienceless, destroying machine in our world,  it's wired how you begin to lose Innocent, lose your trust in the things and persons one by another, it's how you begin to taste gradually the bitterness of life.

If someone told me how we will become, truly I wouldn't believe or take it ever, but I always surprised when I suddenly feels shocked, like I wasn't there, like I never been witnessed of all this...many scars that turns me to wreckage  ... my soul twinkle dims through days, the glimmer hope in my heart takes me to shadows of fact apparently takes me to closed circles without avail.

how all these changes happened in this short time, if it's truly short.... we didn't notes any of this different layers which is been added to our society and attacks not only our Arabian lifestyle but also our principles, exactly whats linked and attached to our community character. the first question going up to my mind is did the real is something far different from the expectactions ?? is it far away from hard work?? is it far away from what you want?? is the world so cruel?? is it ....?? is it ....?? is it......??....etc.

when I hold on my dreams, every one give me that pity look; and feel of there words which pass through there eyes..... "look at the poor girl, who can't understand the world yet", and I really began to feel now at the moment that maybe I couldn't understand the world in it's right way, there are two opposite odds in my mind. and still insisting to go in my way with my conditions, no matter who are my allies and who are my enemies, if it will be just me, if it's will be only me, I will continue what I believe, what I convinced with. just hope only Allah approves, seeking the right way.

I tried to be optimistic about what I want to delivered but frankly I couldn't. our world changes fast, there are a lot of techs, fashions, ideas, books, thoughts and  blogs. definitely you can't understand the whole things, feels that your steps been decreased, so .. just hold on, slow a little bit, meditate, focus and you'll found your design. 

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